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Журнал теории и практики "Транспонанс": Комментированное электронное издание / Под ред. И. Кукуя. - A Work in Progress

See the Foreword "Предисловие" for an introduction to the journal and to the project for this edition of the journal by Ilja Kukuj. ТРАНСПОНАНС (TRANSPONANS), a journal of theory and practice, No. 1 (1979) – No. 36 (1987), Yeysk and Leningrad, was an outstanding neo-futurist project edited by Sergei Sigei (Sigov) and Ry Nikonova (Anna Tarshis). Users can find almost the full run of ТРАНСПОНАНС here, except for No. 15. Full transcriptions have been prepared and are available in sidebar menus beside each issue. Ilja Kukuj is preparing scholarly commentary for the edition. Users can consult commentary in the sidebar menu for issue No. 1. The Electronic Archive contains related editions, including БУДУЩЕЛЪ (FUTURELING), ЛИСТОК (LEAFLET), НОМЕР (NUMBER), ЖУРНАЛ МОД (FASHION JOURNAL). Copies presented here come from the Archive of the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen, with most from the Vladimir Erl’ Collection, FSO 01-037, although some late issues come from the M.A.N.I. Collection, FSO-01-066.

More information is available about this journal at Voci libere in URSS, "Transponans".