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СИРЕНА [The Siren]

The journal СИРЕНА (THE SIREN), No. 1-2, 1962, Moscow and other cities, was produced by people who gathered at the Maiakovsky monument for informal poetry readings. Mikhail Kaplan edited СИРЕНА, which featured poetic works and charming illustrations by members of the “Maiakovtsy” group. Kaplan also selected literary items from the archive of the journal ФЕНИКС (PHOENIX) that were less overtly socio-political in character. Copies of СИРЕНА were sent to Riga, Leningrad and released in Moscow to be recopied and distributed. The copies presented here come from the V. Skuratovskii Collection (F. 30.87) at the Research Centre for East European Studies at Bremen University.

More information is available about this journal at Voci libere in URSS, "Sirena".