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ОБВОДНЫЙ КАНАЛ [Obvodnyi Canal]

Kirill Butyrin, Sergei Stratanovsky and Boris Rokhlin began the journal ОБВОДНЫЙ КАНАЛ (OBVODNYI CANAL), No. 1 (1981) – 19 (1993), Leningrad, although Rokhlin departed early from the editorial collective, and Stratanovsky, who edited the poetry section, did not stay after issue No. 11 (1987). The journal continued the samizdat journal ДИАЛОГ (DIALOGUE). This journal for poetry, philosophy, literary criticism and more took its name from one bleak stretch of urban canal in Leningrad. Its title suggested something like a bypass valve for forces that found no outlet in official venues and inadequate venues in unofficial culture: Butyrin described the goal of the journal as supporting a plurality of views – including his own national Slavophile views – in unofficial culture.

Copies of issues No. 1-10 come from the K. M. Butyrin Collection (F. 5/1.1) at the Research Centre for East European Studies at Bremen University.

More information is available about this journal at Voci libere in URSS, "Obvodnyi kanal".