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МЕТКИ [Signs]

The journal МЕТКИ (SIGNS OF NEW PAINTING), No. 1 (1975) - No. 12 (1980), Moscow, was initiated by Vitaly Gribkov together with Vladimir Petrov in 1975. The journal provided a forum for the editors and their friends to share their thoughts and explorations on the boundary between objective and abstract painting. The folios 400x300 mm making up journal issues contained texts and works of various sizes and media. Petrov worked on ИСКУССТВО КОММУНЫ (ART OF THE COMMUNE), in the early 1960s. The copies of issues presented here come from the collection of V. M. Petrov, V. S. Gribkov and L. A. Melamid (F. 76) at the Research Centre for East European Studies at Bremen University.

More information is available about this journal at Voci libere in URSS, "Metki".