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ЛОБ [Forehead]

The five issues of ЛОБ (Forehead), No. 1, 2-3, 4, 5, 6 (1972), were produced by a group of students from the Chemistry Department at Leningrad State University, under the leadership of Sergei Dediulin and Vitaly Petranovsky. The title ЛОБ was an abbreviation from Ленинградское общесто библиофилов (Leningrad Society of Bibliophiles): the materials were literary and literary-historical. The journal of АМЕГОБ (SNAIMEHOB) preceded this one. Dediulin later went on to work with the more serious samizdat journals СЕВЕРНАЯ ПОЧТА (THE NORTHERN MAIL) and ПАМЯТЬ (MEMORY). Copies of the first four issues of ЛОБ presented here come from the collection of Sergei Dediulin (F. 68/1) at the Research Centre for East European Studies at Bremen University.