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ЭПСИЛОН-САЛОН [Epsilon-Salon]

The anthology called ЭПСИЛОН САЛОН (EPSILON SALON), No. 1 (1985) - No. 18 (1989), Moscow, edited by Nikolai Baitov and Alexander Barash, represented the more avant-garde wing of literary publications in the mid- to late-1980s. Among the core group were Gennady Katsov, Arkady Bartov, Oleg Dark, Valery Krupnik, Vladimir Sorokin and Mikhail Sukhotin. Issues featured contributions also by well-known conceptualist artists Dmitry Prigov and Lev Rubinshtein. The two issues presented here, No. 3 and No. 12, both from 1986, come from the collection of samizdat periodicals gathered from various sources (F. 5/1.7) at the Research Centre for East European Studies at Bremen University.