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Часы [The Clock]

The journal ЧАСЫ (THE CLOCK), No. 1 (1976) – No. 80 (1990), Leningrad, was initially edited by Boris Ivanov with the participation of Iuliia Voznesenskaia. The editorial group established for later issues included Igor’ Adamatskii, Viacheslav Dolinin, Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, Sergei Korovin, Boris Ostanin, Iurii Novikov, and Sergei Sheff. Issues featured sections for prose, poetry, literary criticism and translations, and they appeared regularly six times a year. Copies presented here come from the Andrei Belyi Centre.

More information is available about this journal at Voci libere in URSS, "Chasy".

A searchable spreadsheet is available of authors and items in ЧАСЫ (THE CLOCK).