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Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat

By Ann Komaromi

The Electronic Archive “Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat” (PSDS) includes the database of Soviet samizdat periodicals, electronic editions of selected samizdat journals, illustrated timelines of dissident movements, and interviews with activists. The Project aims to make rare materials more widely available and to provoke questions about the trajectories of groups and individuals within the varied field of Soviet dissidence and nonconformist culture.

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Evgeny Abezgauz / Евгений Абезгауз

Evgeny Abezgauz. Artist village Ein Hod, Israel, 2008. Courtesy of the Remember and Save Association, Fund #066 (Abezhaus).


Evgeny Abezgauz (click to go to the interview in English)

Evgeny Abezgauz (1939-2008) was born in Leningrad. He studied engineering and worked as an engineer at a communications design company for eight years, after which he enrolled in the Mukhina School for Applied Art and became a professional artist. He became well-known for his art, which did not conform to Soviet standards of socialist realism, and he helped organize an unofficial group of Jewish artists called "Alef." His paintings were exhibited in the United States as well as in underground exhibits in the Soviet Union. In late 1976, Abezgauz and his wife Natalia left the USSR for Israel. 

Евгений Абезгауз (нажать для интервью на русском) 

Евгений Абезгауз (1939-2008) родился в Ленинграде. Он учился в Электротехническом институте связи, и восемь лет работал инженером в проектной организации связи. Потом он поступил в художественную академию имени Мухиной, и стал профессиональным художником. Он стал известным художником, хотя его работа не соответствовала стандартам советского социалистического реализма. Он помог составлять неофициальную группу еврейских художников, которая называлась "Алеф". Его картины были выставлены в Соединенных Штатах и на неофициальных выставках в СССР. В конце семьдесят шестого года Абезгауз и его жена Наталья уехали из СССР в Израиль.